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Join me every first Monday of the month to learn about the oldest medical system in the world, Ayurveda. See and listen for yourself how Ayurveda can help you with treating stubborn health concerns like digestive issues, rejuvenate the mind from loads of stress, and connect you back with your lively spirit to feel light in your body. This original lifestyle medicine has been waiting patiently for you to discover and welcome it with open hands.

Looking forward to seeing you Monday evening 6-7pm

Topics will include and are not limited to:

Your unique body type

Effortless weight loss

Creating balanced cycles of sleep, metabolism, and healthy habits

Wholesome recipes

Herbal remedies for digestive issues, allergies, weight management, headaches, restful sleep, and much more!

The body is the outcome of food. Even so, disease is the outcome of food. The distinction between ease and disease arises on the accounts of wholesome nutrition or the lack of it, respectively”

– Charaka, referred to as the Father of Medicine (300B.C)

We are taught by the medical science of Ayurveda that cleansing the body seasonally is essential for preventing illness and weight gain. There is a period in between seasons when most people are vulnerable to sickness because of the weather shifts creating new irritants in the air. Paying close attention to diet especially during these transitions in weather, will help you not only cleanse the system, but also help you move gracefully through the seasons.

In this workshop we will discuss how to prepare your metabolism for rapid, but healthy weight- loss by igniting a new digestive fire, mobilize toxins for permanent elimination, and create new habits to extinguish the old. Attendees will also participate in a conscious cooking demonstration with Certified Ayurvedic Health Consultant, Meryll Montano, of the cleansing staple detox dish called ‘Kicheri’, also known as ‘Kitchadi.’

Lunch and tea will be provided after the workshop.

Detox Programs (3, 5, 7 days)- Pricing Varies

You are led through your personalized program with an Ayurvedic practitioner, doing some of the work at home through diet and herbs complimented by a series of body therapies prescribed by your practitioner for 3, 5, or 7 days. Unlike other detox cleanses, this Kitchari cleanse is tailored to your unique body type to ensure that you receive optimal benefits that rebalance your digestive system. This cleanse is aimed to purge any stagnant toxins from your tissues and nourish your tissues properly. It is important to keep in mind: THE GOAL OF AN AYURVEDIC DETOX IS OVERALL HEALTH! WEIGHT-LOSS , RELIEF OF DIGESTIVE ISSUES, CLARITY OF MIND & MORE ENERGY ARE HAPPY SIDE-EFFECTS.

This is not your average detox, but a whole body, mind, and spirit program to help you hit that “reset button.”


Office Hours:

Mon. 12-6pm, Tues 12-4pm, Wed 1-4pm, Thurs 11am- 4pm, Fri 1-4pm, Treatments are offered every other Friday 6-8pm

We book client appointments weeks and months in advance. Please call or email to inquire availability.

T: 714) 423- 4548         theayurvedanest@gmail.com

Ayurveda Consultation (60 min.)- $80

+ Follow up (30+ min.)- $130

What to expect during initial consultation:

+ Assessment and education of body constitution

+ Identifying and addressing imbalances

+ Outlining health goals and obstacles

+ Individualized nutrition plan

+ Ayurvedic Herbal Recommendations

+ Yoga and Breathing Exercises


Abhyanga (Lymphatic Oil Massage) + Steam Therapy- $95

Ayurveda recognizes the skin as the largest organ of the body and pathway for trans-dermal absorption. The ancient texts of the Vedas explain Abhyanga as a means for preparing the body to release deep seated toxins as well as a treatment for nourishing the tissues.

Shirodhara (60min. Oil Therapy)- $80

Package of Three-$210 (Save $30)

Package of Five- $325 (Save $75)

Package of Seven- $420 (Save $140)

Shirodhara is respectively offered as the most divine treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. It is derived from two Sanskrit words: “Shiro” meaning head and “Dhara” meaning flow. This therapy involves the perfectly warmed and consistent flow of herbal oil on the forehead, specifically the “third eye”. The oil is allowed to flow over the scalp and through the hair, creating a blissful sensation.

Modern research of this ancient therapy has proved beneficial for the following:

+ Stress and Anxiety

+ Hypertension

+ Headaches/ Migraines

+ Insomnia

+ Fatigue

+ Memory

+ Increased state of alert relaxation (much like that observed in deep meditation)Abhyanga (Lymphatic Oil Massage) + Steam Therapy- $95

Shiro- Abhyanga (30min. –Shirodhara + 30min.- Abhyanga)- $95

Nasya (Sinus, Allergies, TMJ Treatment)- $50

Nasya is a Sanskrit term that means- useful to the nasal passages. Famous Ayurvedic Scholar, Charaka, described this treatment as a process of expelling the toxins out through the nasal passages. This therapy begins with a facial massage (using Marma therapy) in which special points on the face are massaged to create proper circulation of the lymphatic system, clarity of the senses, and a blissful state of mind. Warm, medicated oil is chosen in respect to the individual’s body constitution and then dropped into the nasal passages.

Indications for this treatment include:

+ Neck stiffness

+ Headache

+ Sinusitis/ Allergies

+ Earache

+Shoulder pain/ tightness



This six week course was created to provide a wholesome understanding of who you are as an individual in relation to your natural environment. Ayurveda is a consciousness based approach to health and wellness. Based on the philosophy and science of Mother Nature, Ayurveda provides us with practical tools and guidelines to prevent dis-ease and live a more harmonious and peaceful life. This course is intended to educate those seeking guidance on how to rebalance their lives and achieve lightness, clarity, and peace.

Week 1: Ayurveda- The Original Lifestyle Medicine

  • Basic Principles of Ayurveda
  • History of Ayurveda/ Sister Science of Yoga
  • Your Inseparable Connection with the 5 Great Elements
  • Lifestyle Patterns & Habits Effect Your Health

Week 2: You are Your Best Doctor

  • Understand Your Unique Mind-Body Type
  • 3 Doshas, or Subtle Energies: Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  • Dis-ease: Imbalance of the Body’s Natural Rhythms
  • Building Acceptance and Self Love

Week 3: Creating Vibrant Health through Ayurveda

  • A Deeper Understanding of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
  • Intimate Relationship between the Inner & Outer Environment
  • Understanding and Appreciating the Mind- Body Connection

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Week 4: A Wholesome Approach to Diet: Nourishment for All 5 senses

  • What is a Diet According to Ayurveda
  • Different Levels of Nourishment
  • The 5 Senses: Your Personal Gateway to Knowledge
  • What is Food to One, is Poison to Another (Food as Medicine)

Week 5: Food as Prevention

  • Calories VS Qualities in Food
  • The 6 Rasas, or Essential Tastes
  • Effects of Tastes on the Mind-Body Complex
  • Ancient Guidelines to Eating Wholesomely

Week 6: Agni, Ama, and Ojas

  • Concept of the Digestive Fire
  • Enhancing Your Ability to Digest Food and Emotions
  • How Toxic Sludge, or Ama, is Made in the Body and How You Can Prevent it
  • Creating Ojas: Vibrancy, Vitality, Vigor, and Peace

The first three classes are designed to educate you on the background of the ancient, time- tested medicine of Ayurveda. Our classes are primarily focused on wellness and prevention through individualized nutrition based on the philosophy and science of Nature.